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Bank info to send money for Dipankar Ray

Dipankar's Pension issue

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 May 30, 2019 (Balai - Sumit)

As of Dec 21, 2018, Dipankar is staying at

Ekante Old Age Home. Kuthighat, Barahnagar
3 Rai Mathura Nath Choudhuri Street, Kolkata 700036
Just behind Peerless Milan tirtha.
(10 minutes from sinthir more)

Visiting hours are 9:30 am to noon and 5 to 8 pm
But they are flexible because Dipankar da needs visitors to come.

Bank info to send money for Dipankar Ray

You can send money to Dipankar via Indranil's bank account
Name: Indranil Ghosh
Bank: Sate bank of India (B. T. Road)
Saving's account: 20063984413
IFSC: SBIN0003721
MICR: 700002004

Recent Update

Update - June 2, 2019

Good news. Dipankarda is doing better given the doctors has said that Diparkarda probably is not ever going to be the way he was. We think the lumbar puncture last September did a lot of unrecoverable harm.

No one knows how he will do in the coming months and years !!!.

I admire your (Balai aka Sumit) dedication and love for Dipankarda for visiting him a few times every months.
Everyone one else extremely busy with their lives.
(I wont even have words to thank Indranil who probably spent 1000s of hours during the last 7 or so months)

I am glad to hear that Dipankarda is doing better. 
We have more than 30 people in our group. I wonder how many of them visited Dipankarda during the last 3 months. 
I will wait until July 1 and then I will start deleting those names (who forgot Dipankarda) from this group (I am sure they would be very happy) - particularly a few who talk 1000s of miles and do not do nothing. (talking is free. )
At this time, I feel there are probably about 10 people who care about Dipankarda and they know who they are. 
And the others also do know who they are. They got their share of benefits when Dipankarda could give them something. Now Dipankarda is not in a position to give. 
I am amazed when I mentioned there is a neeed for additional fund of about Rs. 10,000 per month for the help at night. Dipankarda's pension money is not sufficient to take care of that.
No one responded in a month. But that won't stop the care for Dipankarda. There are always going to be a few who did not get any direct benefits from Dipankarda, but will come along. I believe in it.
For those whose names will be deleted on July 1, you can get on your life and try to find another Dipankarda from where you can get some benefits. This Dipankarda is useless - no possibility of getting anything from him any more.

(This blurb is not from anger. it is just from sheer frustration)

Update - Mar 8, 2019
Dipankarda is pretty much in the same state as he had been for almost 2 months. It does not seem like he has any interests in anything. He does not feel like talking. Not sure whether he has dementia or not. But looks like,

He does not like to get up from the bed. He still does potty, bathroom, eating everything on the bed. It is very difficult to pick him up and bring him to the bathroom. It is becoming very difficult to help him.

Visitation: It would be nice if everyone would go to visit him just once a month. Except at the bginning, Dipankarda almost does not get any visitations from his well wishers. He is staying at: residence. When you visit him or plan to visit him, please send a message at the WhatsApp group.
Biswajit Dey (Rocket) 869-724-2614 voluntered to coordinate to streamline the visits, so Dipankarda gets to see someone every few days.

Financial situation: Right now there are an averagemonthly expense of Rs 40,000.
1. Aaya: day > Rs 300; Night > Rs 300. Total Rs 18,000
2. Physical therapy: Rs 300/day. Total Rs 9,000
3. Accomodation & food: Rs 7,000
4. Other expenses: Medicines, doctor visit, Tests etc: Rs 6,000

Details of contributions and expenses
His pension is about Rs 25,000. We need some financial help. You can send your contribution through online banking.

Medications: Dipankar Ray has been taking these 7 medicines since the end of January.
Medications and Descriptions of the medicines

He has uncontrollable urge to urinate and do potty on the bed. He does not even tell anyone next to him that he needs to do potty. As a result even with the help from the Aayas, he tends to get bed sores and skin issues.

Quick look at the side effects indicate that many of the medicines cause diarrhea. It is time to consult the doctor to see whether to continue all these medicines or not.


Mar 13, 2019

Mar 8, 2019

Update - Feb 15, 2019
Below is a short update on Dipankar Ray. Dipankarda has been seriously ill since the September 24, 2018. He had been hospitalized 5 times for a total period of about 40 days during less than 5 months. 

Health Condition
At present he is suffering from some neurological issues.. He does not have any interests in anything... He does not like to stand up, sit down or move around... As a result, he does not digest the food properly and lately every week or so he has been getting sick... No bowel movements for a few days at a time... Throwing up etc... He still has bed sores. He needs physical therapy desparately so he can get around and get well faster. 

Physical Help Needed
There is one and only person, Indrajit Ghosh who has been around him for the whole duration. A few people came for help off and on, but the total amount of time given to Dipankarda by all of them is probably insignificantly small compared to the time spent by Indranil. Indranil has been taking him to the doctors, hospitals, bank to collect pension money, getting the medicines, arranging 24-hour caretakers etc. etc. during these past 5 months. We need some volunteers who can give some rest to Indranil to take care of Dipankarda for coming days. The way it looks, we need more money for Dipanakar's treatments for a while.  

Funds/Expenses - Sep 24, 2018 - Feb 15, 2019  
The total expense for Dipankarda is probably just below 4.0 Lacs so far.
Below is a rough breakdown of money collected and expenses.

Funds collected
Pension 5X25 =   125,000
(Oct '18- Feb '19)
Manash Das       110,000
Dilip Som         80,000
Others            70,500
(see the table on the right)
Total funds Rs 3,85,500

Other Contributions
Sep 24, '18-Feb 15, '19
Others                 (in thousands)
Ashish Basu ?
Ashish Majumder 2
Biswajit Dey (Rocket) 6
Haru Dhara 9
Mritunjay Dey 8
Raj Roychoudhury  5
Raja Saha ?
Ranjit Roy 2
Sabyassachi Chatterjee 5
Saktinil Roy 12.5
Sanat Datta 5
Sanjay ? ?
Sanjeev Roy 6
Shikha Datta (Sanat Datta) 5
Susanta Gupta 5
Total 70.5
This a rough estimate. If you contributed, or if you find something not correct, please help to fix.
Rent        30
Caretaker   55 (= 3x9 + 18 + 10)
Hospitals  145 (= 25 + 65 + 25 + 61 + 33)
Injections  40 
Medicine    30
Transport   25 (to bank, doctors, medical test etc.)
3(bed sore mattress and many other small items)
etc.  30 (difficult to account for after almost 5 months)   

Total Expenses Rs 3,85,000

Monitory help needed
Dipankarda's Pension pretty much covers the rent, the fees for the caretaker and the necessary medicines etc. 
Then we need some additional money for doctors, tests, major medicines, nutritious food and transportation to and from the doctors etc.. Also it would be nice to raise some money in case he needs to be hospitalized again.
We need some volunteers to contribute some money regularly to continue his treatment. Dipanakrda needs physical therapy desparately, so he can get up and move around and get well faster.

Our goal is to raise about Rs 30,000 every month. With more than 20 people in our WhatsApp group, I do not see it would be difficult at all to raise this amount every month.
Where to send money
Please setup a monthly contribution online to Indranil's bank account. Details of the bank account:
We will try to update you with Dipankarda's condition here at least once a month. 

As of Dec 21, 2018, Dipankar's Pension issue

Dipankar did not get the pension for the month of December. Bank won't release the fund if Dipankar does not go to the bank and prove that he is still alive. Dipankar is not in a position to go out. Also it cost quite a bit of money (abut Rs. 4000) to rent an ambulance to take him to the bank.

Suggestion by Raj Kumar Roychoudhury:
Indrajit Gupta (98363-77446,, a good friend of Dipankar may be able to help in this matter as per

About Dipankar Ray

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Contributions and Expenses since September 2018
  - Nov 15, 2018

We will update this section soon with bits and pieces of information available.

In short, more than 2.5 Lacs (not sure...) has been spent since Dipankar got sick in Septemebr, 2018.

Below is just one large invoice... Will update as I receive more...

Medical Bill-Nov-13-RS 61520

Portion of the money came form Dipankar's pension and other were contributed by the well wishers of Dipankar.

The way it looks, we need more money for Dipanakar's treamnets for a while.

Just the rent of the home and the fee for the 24-hours attendant is close to Dipankar's monthly pension.

Then we need additional money for doctors, tests, medicines, nutrinous food and transportation to and from doctor etc.

Some notes since Sep, 2018 on Dipankar's health situations - Oct 25, 2018

Message from Dilip K Som...
I went to see Dipankar Roy yesterday. He is doing well after staying in a few nursing homes for a month.

He does not talk much. Only responds to people with a few words. He still has some bedsores. He can't get up or walk. The hired attendant (Rs 500/day) is very good. He very patiently takes care of him by keeping him clean, doing physical therapy etc. It will take more than a month for Dipankar da to walk and come to some normalcy.

A few individuals extracted all the money from Dipankar da on a regular basis for a number of years (they are all identified and known. They are the ones who disappeared during the time of crisis). They will be punished soon. Dipankarda does not have any savings. So there is a financial crisis.

My hunch is more than a Lac has been spent so far and more is needed during the next few months. Attendant's fees, doctor's visit, medicines, nutritious food etc. His pension money is not sufficient.

Thank God. A very few individuals came along and helped. We need some more volunteers. If you like to, i can provide a bank info of Manas Das. His and his son's contributions - financial, emotional and time has been beyond imagination. Also the dedication and time provided by Indranil Ghosh is unmeasurable.

More later.

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