Kartick Chandra Paul (K. C. Paul)

This simple page (not really a website) was created to keep K. C. Paul's whole life's obesession and Adventure alive.

In the 21st century, he strongly believed that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

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About K. C. Paul

Kartick chandra Paul (K. C. Paul) was born in 1942 in Anullya, Amta, Howrah, West Bengal, India. He completed grade VIII in high school. He joined the Indian Army as a Jawan during the Sino-Indian war of 1962. He was in the Rajput regiment and eventually became a paratrooper. When he was in Fatehgarh, Udaipur. ??? He came upon a telescope and started to look into the sky at night with the new toy. He spent many sleepless nights observing the planets and the Sun. He became very much interested in astronomy. He started reading about Copernicus theory of Cosmology along with the history of Cosmology going back 500 BC. He started conducting his own experiments and finally in 1974 he came to the conclusion:

Sun revolves around the Earth once in a year

That is when he started inviting the wrath of the authorities and people around him. An interview with a Hindi newspaper about his theory cost him his job in the army.

He came back home in Howrah, a city next to Kolkata in ???. Without the credentials required to take part in scientific forums, Paul like all true Kolkatans took the fight to the streets. Any visitor to Kolkata will easily identify it as a city full of graffiti, most of which is done by political parties who have in the past ignored court orders to paint their messages on walls. Paul started to write the slogan "Sun revolves around the Earth once in a year- K. C. Paul every possible wall or light-posts you managed to have access.

Paul has been a lone insistent voice that has expressed itself wherever it could - the base of a light post, a portion of a wall for decades starting 1974. Mostly using capital letters in black against a white washed background, Paul has told the world what he believed. If he more space to write, we would also write:

All scientists all over the world are fools

Editor's Note

A few pages from the booklets what Mr. Paul had been distributing to people on the streets, in the buses and every opportunity he got since 1974 either free or for a small token money which never recovered his cost.
You will notice that it is impossible to decipher what he tries to communicate clearly. To save the cost to make the booklets, he copied and pasted segments of newspaper articles and communication he had with people and organizations in a complete haphazard way.

To save space in those little booklets, he would often cut each line from a printed column in the newspaper, put 2 or 3 and sometime a fraction of a line in one line of his booklet. You can clear see the razor marked lines around those segments.

He printed the booklets both in English and Bengali. Bengali happens to be Mr. Paul's mother tongue and it is spoken in Kolkata area where he belongs.

Paul has used up around 400 kg of white paint and tar paint and his printing costs have crossed Rs. 1 Lakh. Besides, he is still churning out more books and pamphlets, each subtitled “Printed, Published and Discovered by K. C. Paul (not hypothesis).

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