Acharya Sudhanshu Bhattacharya

I created a website for Vivekananda Institution sometime around 2010.
It has a lot of information on the school (but not updated regularly because the school does not show any interest).  It does not have much info on Sudhanshu babu either.

This simple page (not really a website) is to keep our thoughts together on what we would like to do to keep our beloved Sudhanshubabu's memory alive and what we would like to do that he would have loved to see if he would be alive today.

If you would like to add or make corrections to the info below, please contact Dilip K. Som at or WhatsApp at +13015121295

About Sudhanshubabu

There is book on him Vivekanander Adarshe Nivedito-Pran Acharya SudhanshuShekhar
This book is not available easily and not in print.
Click on the picture or the link above to download all 320 pages.

The book was published on January 20, 1998 by Brajomohon Majumder, Headmaster, Howrah Vivekanada Institution, 75 & 77 Swami Vivekananda Road, Howrah 711104

I do not know whether the book is still available in the market. We need to keep the book available to everyone by making an electronic copy of the book which will stay forever.

I located an outfit in Kolkata who will cut the left side of the book and run through a sophisticated scanner to scan both sides of the pages and make a good pdf file.

Down the road, we can even think of printing the book if it is not available now.

WhatsApp Group

We created a WhatsApp group on April 26, 2019. Our goal is to reach out to others who want to keep the memory of Sudhanshubabu alive. 

Please send me an WhatsApp at +13015121295 with the contact info of people who might be interested in our venture. I will add them to the group. We have to come up with some plans how to do that. It is just the beginning. Hope we can do something soon.

We have so far more than 10 people in the group. We will list the names and contact info of the group here soon.

Some ideas about what we can do

Our main idea is to keep our beloved Sudhanshubabu's memory alive and what we would like to do that Sudhanshubabu would loved to see if he would be alive.

First we should concentrate about Sudhanshubabu, our school, our Ramakrishna Vivekanada Ashram etc. We will need some financing and man power.
  1. School Needs: We can to talk to the school what they need. We need to figure out the feasibility of those. 

  2. Celebrate Sudhanshubabu's birthday: on November 17 (or the weekend following that day) in a convenient location such as our school. At that event we can have a good discussion about his life and how we can have his memory alive by following what he intended to do, but could not do because of many difficulties.
    Dr. Nishith Chowdhury took the initiative for a number of years. He can spear head this project.

  3. Scholarships: We can give some scholarships to students who rank 1st and 2nd in Secondary and Higher Secondary Exams directly after obtaining the names of the students from the school. I have a pretty bad experience of donating money to school for the purpose of giving prizes/scholarships to meritorious students. School does not even give 1/10th of the interest from my donation. We can do it directly, so we know exactly where the money goes.
  4. Sudhanshubabu's Statue: We can erect a statue of Sudhanshubabu in the most prominent place around the school. May be just outside the main gate of the school. So many people passing by the school see him everyday.
  5. Museum/Library: We can build a museum/library in the memory of Sudhanshubabu in a location close to the proximity of where he lived most of his life.
  6. Discussion group: We can also have discussion group meetings in person couple of times a year on what we can do.
  7. Anath Bhandar: Manoj Kar suggested a few ideas. Click here for details. Right now we need to concentrate around Sudhanshubabu, our school, our Ramakrishna Vivekanada Ashram etc. Right now we should not try to stretch our hands too much to take up too many projects. I like  one of ideas from Manoj - to finance Anath Bhandar which is being run by Sachinbabu and Babuda from Ramakrishna Vivekanada Ashram.
Of course, these are just the initial thoughts. We would like to encourage everyone to come up with some practical, interesting and feasible ideas. But we have to keep in mind that we will concentrate on Sudhanshubabu and his ideals. We cant change the whole world or India. There are so many issues which need to be addressed. But we cant do it all. We simply do not have that resources.

Sudhanshu Bhattacharya Trust

It would be nice to form a Trust for Sudhanshubabu. Prasanta Banerjee (1967 batch) volunteered to look into it. Anyone with expertise in this area, please contact Prasanta at 933-017-7941.

Some names proposed so far:

Soumitra Roychowdhuri & Manoj Kar (1976 batch) and
Dilip K. Som
, Prasanta Banerjee, Arup Roy, Biren Kundu, Sujit Chakraborty (1967 batch).

Bank info to send money for ours projects

Down the road, when we will have some projects which need some financing, we will post a bank account info where interested people can send money.

This web page was created by Dilip K. Som